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i give a fuck about an oxford coma

i drank a cobra in 4 minutes, puking 3 times intermittently (too much ice cream at dinner). i had to beat this kid becuz he said my girlfriend was way out of my league and obviously thats not true……………

seriously tho every wednesday ppl chug 40s as fast as possible in my room, its soooo college ahahahaha

and dabs

gotta finish this paper on colonial expansion and how it misrepresented some of the amazing feats of black africa


S0 good at being at trouble, so bad at being in love

studio lab

i also had Eddie explaining why smoking might be bad for a studio when a tour group came in, hehe

reminds me of my cracked raybans I lost at the mall

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are we the last living souls?

i just wanna experience all that America has to offer. like interstate 15. the a.t (i want a trail name!!!!)
would you come with me if i ran away?
cuz were the last living souls!!!

don’t look ahead there’s stormy weather

la la la life
im sitting here comfy in my sweater
listening to the wind with the wife
but do you really think you can’t do better?

a life worth fighting for oh wow oh wow

my roommates girlfriend is sitting on the floor watching him play destiny. actually everybody has been watching him play that.
reclaim dabs and arctic monkees and shit are nice, im glad at least one of my roommates likes good music.
i bought a Reese’s pieces from the vending machine but it got stuck. what the fuck i didn’t think that happened in real life! got damn
time to pass out tho namaste all

that smile…

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ping ping

how many damn times is my roommate going to press snooze?

im up kinda early cuz it’s so cold!!! dabs and music to start this lovely friday! im about to drink a redbull and then go to the gym and listen to trap and get sweaty then do yoga and find zen.
yesterday my health teacher asked the class if anybody was a meditator and i was the only person to raise my hand but then somebody else raised their hand, i felt rather “edgy”?
listening to doses and mimosas makes me sad i didn’t see cherub anywhere this summer.
anyways, time to start the day
i couldn’t quite hear you, what did you say?
the water running smoothly as you thickly on by
today is the greatest, do i still want to die?

also did they find tj lane?!? i never heard about the shooting but a good ol fashion jailbreak manhunt in ohio?!,!?!


Kate Bellm

cacti cacti, make me wonder whyi return thought to the day it begannever remembering but always close as you cry,it hit me quite suddenly like the summer time sadness, and i ran



Kate Bellm

cacti cacti, make me wonder why
i return thought to the day it began
never remembering but always close as you cry,
it hit me quite suddenly like the summer time sadness, and i ran

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