A Peek Into The Mind Of A Ginger

The only truth is music.

Jack Kerouac (via theprolific)

i will take uppers during a manic phase and write books just like this guy i swear, i already have lame ramblings here and there. jah feel my soul brotha

fight club time #420

me anytime im barred

me anytime im barred

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scar tissue that i wish you saw

my body has deteriorated to the point that i am no longer allowed to work until i get a doctors note saying im physically able. lul, forreal tho i can’t believe someone stole my simcard, still very puzzled by that.
I bought a life proof case for my phone today that is apparently water proof and stuff..that’s dope

finally got reunited with my phone so i thought id share a lil of the damage I underwent to get back to posting artsy stuff on the insta. #barz #lostnfound #dontdrinkanddriveabike

maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to pick up a Friday morning pizza making shift

late night raves athens style

zee hockhocking


apparently Wednesday night tradition in my room is chugging cobras and getting white boy wasted

goodnight tumblr, ur good ppl

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