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gently gently take them from me

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Diane Webber


Diane Webber


Smithe’s Supercharged Techno Illustrations (And Graffiti).

Some recent work by master of the surrealist, robotic dreamworld Smithe.  See way more below:

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Excellent condition Remington Elliot derringer, mid to late 19th century.

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your full moon taunts me

"and all the time it took you to get yourself straight, its too late" 

existence, the present moment, consciousness are the only things i know right now besides warpaint is that dreamy pop i do like. actually i also know this new macbook pro retina got some dope speakers.

"do you ever see me at night, and does it please you at all - with your head up the wall?”

I saw Lucy tonight and i got hella frustrated because I’ve literally done that movie a lot of times in my head (not trying to sound like a hardass literally anyone can do it) and I’m not salty from a “hey I’m artsy I’m cool” its literally just baffling to me like how do i turn my k holes into million dollar pieces of cinema graphic genuis?!? forreal tho the universe is infinitely outside you and large but its also infinitely small and our bodies are most certainly vast universes in their own right, and drugs/meditation can definitely allow one to experience the inner universe which is ultimately not much different from the external….

nah but the real life problem is that i love my girlfriend but i experienced what it was like for us to share a king size bed (thank you laurie and the hampton inn scranton!!) and idk wtf I’m about to do back in the dorms.

but i did lie the real life problem is that when i don’t sleep well fer days i get a lil spacey and crazy and literally just talk so i can forget how tired i am and i end up talking toooooo much and now I’m just still rambling to an nonexistent (i think? r u reading this?) audience on the internet!! the rambleszzzzz (i have had audiences at most points in real life today don’t get me wrong, maybe if i understood how the social tumblr works i could get audiences online too but nah)

my life plan, snag the music production degree and maybe that music therapy masters and get gone to the lonesome crowded west. i want to contact my old friend bonnie rotten and see if she needs any camera work done ;D, seriously tho at one point in my life that was the only girl i talked to for a couple weeks and now she’s all over the internet takin it in any and all holes….we talked about da deemsters (jim carrey blasts off apparently and i made eye contact with him once…the key to the universe has a three letter code!!!!!) 

Namaste and goodnight to all!!!~~~<3


Gina Lollobrigida


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I wanna have a daughter named Silvia

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